After Your Home Energy Audit

After Your Energy Audit…

Your energy audit was a good first step toward improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. You now have a better understanding of your home’s shortcomings and how to fix them. But the real progress doesn’t start until you actually implement some of your auditor’s recommendations. And like any home project, a long list of energy efficiency improvements can be intimidating and expensive.

Fortunately, to realize significant gains in the performance of your home, you don’t have to fix all of its deficiencies at once. You can start with one or two of the most important, and take on the rest as your time and budget allow. This not only conserves your bank account, but also allows you to make a less risky commitment before being convinced of the value of the work and the quality of the contractor.

But which of your energy auditor’s recommendations should go first?  That depends on your house, but if you take another look at your auditor’s report, you’ll probably see that your home has one or both of two very common problems. The first is excessive air leakage, and the second is older, single-pane windows. Both of these conditions significantly increase energy use and decrease comfort in a home, so fixing them is a smart way to start any home efficiency improvements. Having Vesta do the work is even smarter.

For air sealing, Vesta created the SWAT Team, specialists in the air sealing of attics, basements, crawlspaces, garages, ductwork, and interior living spaces.  In most homes, just one day of aggressive air sealing by our SWAT Team will substantially reduce air leakage while providing noticeable improvements in comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. You can hire the Vesta SWAT Team one day at a time, at a fixed price per day, so you know beforehand what it will cost. Guaranteed. The results are guaranteed, too.

If your home has old, single-pane windows, Vesta can manufacture custom storm windows for installation on the inside of your existing windows. Not only does this make Vesta SecondPanes easy to install and remove as the seasons change, it also leaves your home’s exterior appearance uncompromised. With frames of finish quality wood, Vesta SecondPanes can be equipped with glass or Plexiglas, providing the benefits of double-pane windows at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you want our SWAT team to reduce your home’s air (and energy) leakage, or our SecondPanes for improved window performance, start making your home more efficient, comfortable, healthy and durable. Start with Vesta.

(Note: Maintaining and improving your home’s safety, durability and indoor air quality is a top concern at Vesta. In the process of making your home more energy efficient and comfortable, we continually monitor the operation of any fuel-burning devices to ensure they operate safely.)

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