Seattle Interior Storm Windows

A Cost-Effective Alternative to New Double-Pane Windows: Vesta SecondPanes

When thinking about how to make your home more energy efficient, you may have considered replacing single-pane with double-pane windows. This seems a reasonable priority, as single-pane windows are obviously cold on a winter day and can create chilly areas and drafts within a house. They are also prone to moisture condensation, which can cause mold growth and other problems.

Double-pane windows are indeed more energy efficient and do improve comfort by reducing cold spots and drafts. They are also less susceptible to condensation problems. New, high-quality, double-pane windows are, however, very expensive to purchase and install correctly, and aren’t usually a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs, particularly if your home’s original windows are still in good condition.

Storm windows installed over single-pane windows provide many of the benefits of double-pane windows at a much lower cost. Conventional storm windows made with aluminum frames are usually mounted on the exterior side of a home’s original wood windows. While practical for the initial fitting and installation, exterior-mounted storm windows are thereafter difficult (and dangerous) to install and remove as the seasons change, or to clean and maintain. Metal storm windows also diminish the character and beauty of a home’s wood windows.

To gain the benefits of storm windows, while making them easier to install, remove and maintain, Vesta has developed a storm window for installation on the interior side of your existing windows. Vesta SecondPanes are custom-fit for each window in your house; with a hardwood frame that can be stained or painted to match your interior finishes. Vesta SecondPanes can be furnished with high-quality glass or with lightweight and unbreakable Plexiglas for easier and safer handling. They provide the benefits of double-pane windows at a fraction of the installed cost. And because they have woodwork-quality frames and are installed indoors, Vesta SecondPanes preserve or enhance the beauty of your home’s existing windows. Best of all, as your comfort and satisfaction go up, your energy bills go down.

Vesta SecondPanes are affordable. Prices range from $400 – $800 depending on the size of the window, far below the $2,000 average installed cost for high-quality new windows. Call Vesta today for more information.

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