1 Day, 1 Fee, 1 Guarantee

Air sealing is always the first and most important step in home performance. Insulation and heating equipment installed without proper air sealing will perform poorly and may actually damage the house.

Although proper ventilation is critical for a healthy home, accidental holes in the structure and systems of your house are bad for comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Common bad holes include visible things like gaps around recessed cans and outlets, cracks around interior trim, and leaks around doors and windows. Usually, the most important holes are hidden in attics, crawlspaces, or the heating system and ducts.

The purpose of the Vesta SWAT team is to identify and fix the bad holes that are present in every home. Vesta sends a team of airflow experts for 1 day, for a fixed price. After taking pictures and doing initial diagnostic tests to quantify and identify leaks, the crew air seals your house in order of priority. Testing is repeated throughout the job, and at the end of the day, to ensure success and the safe operation of your home.

This is a great option for people who have either already had a home energy audit, or who just want to jump in, and not spend any (more) money on diagnostics. Benefits include improved indoor air quality (IAQ), comfort, and energy efficiency.

One client who had a SWAT day wrote—just days later—to say: “Thank you too for all your team’s great work – it is much less drafty and the rushes of cold air I was aware of previously have become intangible!!”

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