What We Do

We fix comfort, health, and safety problems, and increase home value and energy efficiency.

We begin by learning about what your concerns are, usually over the phone. Depending on your preference, we may recommend an analysis, a consultation, or one of our direct-install products, designed for your convenience (especially if you’ve already had an audit). Once on site, we will use a variety of tools to determine which repairs, upgrades, and replacements produce the best combination of comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency. We rely on our extensive hands-on experience with northwest homes, and specific home performance training.

Every home is unique, and specific improvement options are different for each client. Because our service follows a performance-based approach, Vesta is not wedded to a particular technology, and can offer retrofit solutions that span the range of available products and techniques. Our process allows you to choose the optimal plan, based on your wants, schedule, and budget.

A one-stop shop

With our integrated approach, there is a smooth transition between a consultation or analysis and the retrofit work. Vesta will accomplish the specific requirements in your plan on time and on budget. Typical upgrades include air sealing of the building envelope, sealing and upgrades of air handling and electrical equipment, and—where appropriate—targeted insulation and window improvements. Less commonly, upgrades include replacement of major mechanical systems (such as furnaces and hot water heaters) or windows and doors.

Vesta provides the following services:

For more information, contact us online or call us at 206-919-6770.